[108 Times] 💥Yellow Jambhala – White Jambhala – Red Jambhala – Black Jambhala – Green Jambhala💥


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Yellow Dzambhala – White Dzambhala – Red Dzambhala – Black Dzambhala – Green Dzambhala
Who is Jambhala?
Jambhala (also known as Dzambhala, Dzambala, Zambala or Jambala) is the God of Wealth and appropriately a member of the Jewel Family.
He is sometimes equated with the Hindu deity Kubera. Jambhala is also believed to be an emanation of Avalokitesvara or Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion.
There are five different wealth Jambhalas; each has his own practice and mantra to help eliminate poverty and create financial stability.
The Yellow Dzambhala
The Yellow Jambhala is considered the most popular and powerful of the Wealth Gods. He is the emanation of Buddha Ratnasambhava. He can remove poverty within the six realms, increasing virtues, life span and wisdom.
The White Dzambhala
White Jambhala (or Dzambhala Gapee in Tibetan) is the compassionate manifestation of the Bodhisattva Chenrezig (Guan Yin). He can remove the suffering of poverty and sickness, purify non-virtuous karma and karmic obstacles, avert disaster and sickness, and evolve bodhicitta mind.
The Red Dzambhala
Red Jambhala is the manifisation of Vajrasattva. He has two faces and four arms and holds a treasury mongoose on his left hand. His Tibetan name is Dzambhala Mapo. Red Jambhala has a red colored body, sits in the vajra position with Dakini in front of him.
The Black Dzambhala
Black Dzambhala is the manifestation of Amoghasiddhi Buddha by the request of Buddha Shakyamuni to turn the Wheel of Dharma to benefit sentient beings who are suffering from poverty.
The Green Jambhala
Green Jambhala is the chief of the five Jambhalas and is the manifestation of Buddha Amoghasiddhi, depicted standing upon a corpse and holding a mongoose in his left hand and a Kapala in his right hand.
Yellow Dzambhala – White Dzambhala – Red Dzambhala – Black Dzambhala – Green Dzambhala mantras in this video
00:00 – 18:30: Yellow dzambhala mantra: Om Jambhala Jalendraye Svaha
18:31 – 38:33: White dzambhala mantra: Om Padma Trotha Arya Zambhala Siddhaya Hum Phat
38:34 – 01:26:53: Red dzambhala mantra: Om Dzambhala Dzalim Dzaya Nama Mumei E She E Om Dzajini Dzambhala Dzambhala Svaha
01:26:54 – 01:53:14: Black dzambhala mantra : Om Indrayani Mukham Bhramari Svaha
05344:15 – ends: Green Dzambhala: Om Jambhala Jalendraye Svaha
Recite this at least 21 times or 108 times whenever possible. Then rest in the vibrational field created by your chanting. Allow frustration and doubt to dissolve, releasing energy for healing.
You become richer in inner resources, which leads to enriched outer resources as well, both material and spiritual. Affirm your connection to all life forms in the universe. Know that the benefits of your heartfelt wishes and efforts will flow from you into the world.
Let enjoy “Yellow Jambhala – White Jambhala – Red Jambhala – Black Jambhala – Green Jambhala”
The benefits of meditation music
+Meditation music for mindfulness helps you reduce stress and anxiety. Stress is a common problem in today’s society.
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+ Inspiration.
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