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[108 Times]🌀 Ratnasambhava Long Mantra | Ratnasambhava Buddha of Five Meditation Buddhas🌀

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Ratnasambhava Long Mantra | Ratnasambhava Buddha of Five Meditation Buddhas
Who is Ratnasambhava
Ratnasambhava” can be literally translated as “born from the jewel” or “Origin of Jewels.” The element of Ratnasambhava is earth, and his chakra is the Manipura chakra.
Buddha Ratnasambhava cardinal direction is the south and the color of his body is yellow which represent the color of the sun.
His consort is Mamaki and his mount is a horse or a pair of lions. Buddha Ratnasambhava wrathful manifestation is Gundari and is frequently included in his retinue is the worldly dharmapala Jambhala.
Ratnasambhava is golden yellow in color, like a midday sun. Buddha Ratnasmabhava’s wisdom is the wisdom of equality which sees that everything has the same nature, which is the nature of Emptiness. He is seated in full lotus posture on a white moon disc which is the center of a yellow lotus.
He is also associated with seed syllable tram, which is believed to be a condensation of the mantra and operates as a representative sound for Buddha Ratnasambhava. This bija syllable is usually carved into objects as a method of veneration.
He is the 3rd of the Five Meditation Buddhas or Five Dhyani Buddhas which has been worshiped since 500 BC to today. The 4 other Dhyani Buddhas are Akshobya, Vairocana, Amogasiddhi, and Amitabha. The Three Jewels are Dharma (teaching), Buddha (teacher) and Sangha (community).
Ratnasambhava Long Mantra | Ratnasambhava Buddha of Five Meditation Buddhas in this video

Namo Ratna Rasmi Candra Prati-mandita Vidyam
Teja Rajaya Tathagataya Arhate Samyak-sambuddhaya.
Tadyatha, Ratne Ratne, Ratna Kirane, Ratna Prati-mandite
Ratna Sam-bhave, Ratna Prabhe, Ratnod-gate Svaha.

Chanting Buddha Ratnasambhava Mantra benefits:
This chant would be recited by practitioners as a method of paying homage to Buddha Ratnasambhava and is another way for devotees to transmute their ego (personal pride) into the knowledge of sameness.
He is associated with abundance, wealth and providing values or generosity. Generosity is the most fundamental virtue in Buddhism.
Recite this at least 21 times or 108 times whenever possible. Then rest in the vibrational field created by your chanting. Allow frustration and doubt to dissolve, releasing energy for healing.
You become richer in inner resources, which leads to enriched outer resources as well, both material and spiritual. Affirm your connection to all life forms in the universe.
Know that the benefits of your heartfelt wishes and efforts will flow from you into the world.
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