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[1/2 Hour]💥 Invincible Kurukulla Mantra: Om Kurukulle Hrih Soha | Red Tara Mantra ❤

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Invincible Kurukulla Mantra: Om Kurukulle Hrih Soha | Red Tara Mantra
🙏 Who is Kurukulla?

Kurukulla (Skt. kurukullā; Tib. རིག་བྱེད་མ་, rikjéma; Wyl. rig byed ma) — a female deity of the Lotus family, associated with the activity of magnetizing.
A female tantric deity associated with attracting positive energy and attaining positive goals. She is also one of the Twenty-One Taras mentioned in the ancient Tara tantras.
Kurukullā – Goddess of Power. Powerful, red in colour with one face, hair flowing upward, three eyes and four hands, slightly fierce in expression, she holds a bow and arrow in the first pair of hands and a hook and lasso in the lower pair.
All the hand objects are constructed of red utpala flowers and used as implements for the subjugation of others.
Adorned with jewel ornaments, a tiara, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and silk scarves, she wears a lower skirt of tiger skin. Standing atop a corpse, sun disc and lotus blossom she dances amidst the circular flames of the fire of pristine awareness.
The goddess of power, Kurukulle, is one of the twenty-one forms of the goddess Tara. She ensures that one gains power over any activity desired and dispels obstacles.
Tibetan Buddhism holds if those who engage in business or who seek an attractive partner rely on and worship her, she can surely grant the accomplishment of whatever one wishes-for example, conferring without hardship her hook and lasso that can draw in what is desired.

🙏 Invincible Kurukulla Mantra: Om Kurukulle Hrih Soha | Red Tara Mantra mantra in this video

🙏 Om Kurukulle Hrih Svaha (Soha)
The power of Kurukulla is extraordinary. She is a magnificent bodhisattava who transcends the world. The greatness of Kurukulla lies in her potent power of magnetization. Those who cultivate Kurukulla Dharma will become greatly accomplished. Whatever they undertake will succeed and flourish on a large scale. Hence, Kurukulla is a highly significant and important deity.
In addition to magnetizing romantic love between men and women, Kurukulla can also harmonize relations within families, at work, in society, and even between all sentient beings. Kurukulla has great authority and power and is highly respected. She also has the power of subjugation.

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