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White Tara Mantra | Mantra For Good Health | Mantra For Longevity

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White Tara Mantra | Mantra For Good Health | Mantra For Longevity
Who is White Tara?
Tara is closely related to Chenrezig (Avalokitesvara), the Bodhisattva of Compassion. One story of her origin says that she was born from Chenrezig’s compassionate tears. People also think of her as the female manifestation of Chenrezig, or his consort.
Though all the manifestations of Tara share the characteristic of compassion through this connection to Chenrezig, it is White Tara who is most closely linked to his essential compassionate nature.
White Tara is seated in the more meditative diamond lotus position, with both legs folded under her, and her feet facing skyward.3
White Tara has 7 eyes — with an eye in her forehead, and one on each hand and foot — symbolizing her compassionate vigilance to see all the suffering of the world.
Her left hand is in the protective mudra and her right in the wish-granting mudra. In her left hand she usually holds a stem of the Utpala lotus flower with three blossoms. One blossom is represented as a seed, a second as ready to bloom, and the third in full bloom. These represent the Buddhas of the past, future and present.
Often, a small image of Amitabha, a Buddha known for longevity, is portrayed as seated in White Tara’s headdress or slightly above her head.
White Tara Mantra | Mantra For Good Health | Mantra For Longevity mantra in this video – performed by Artist : Rinzin Wangmo
The White Tara Mantra: A mantra of daily purification and healing. White Tara is the goddess of longevity, health and compassion.
The White Tara mantra has a number of variations, but a common one in its Sanskrit form is:
The mantra is flexible, so if you wish to increase something else, you can just substitute in words for that which you wish to increase, and if you want to pray for your spiritual master’s long life, you can replace the word MAMA (which refers to me or mine) for your master’s name.
Let enjoy White Tara Mantra | Mantra For Good Health | Mantra For Longevity .
The benefits of meditation music
+Meditation music for mindfulness helps you reduce stress and anxiety. Stress is a common problem in today’s society.
+ Body Heal: Did you know that meditation can cure illnesses too? When meditation is combined with music, it becomes a natural remedy that not only helps to heal mental wounds, but also physical wounds.
+Emotional balance: Maintaining emotional balance is very important. People who meditate while listening to music regularly can easily manage their emotions, improve relationships, and heal injuries faster.
+ Inspiration: Listening to music while meditating will help you feel inspired, relax, and help you feel proud of yourself.
Healing meditation music
Healing meditation music quickly puts us into a state of relaxation but alertness, helping us to study and work with optimum efficiency.
Researchers say, when we listen to this healing meditation music regularly, the heart rate, blood pressure, and brain waves are all relaxed to the rhythm (60 beats/min).
Heart rate slows, blood pressure drops, alpha brain waves suitable for learning and memory increase 6%.
Meditation Melody – Sleeping music
Meditation Melody is a place where you find all the sound & healing meditation music of life for your relaxation and concentration.
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