[1 Hour] Ucchusma Mantra – Burning Impurity Kongo – Jusoku Kongo – Kazu Kongo – Ucchusma Myoo

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Ucchusma – Burning Impurity Kongo – Jusoku Kongo Mantra – Kazu Kongo – Ucchusma Myoo
Who is Ucchusma?
Ucchuṣma (Japanese: Ususama Myoo) is a Vidyārāja in Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism. He is also known by various other names such as Burning Impurity Kongo, Jusoku Kongo and Kazu Kongo.
His full name is Vajra Krodha Mahābala Ucchuṣma meaning: “Great Strength Furious Diamond Ucchuṣma.
Ucchusma has three faces, eight arms, nine eyes, a black-blue body, and red stand-up hair. Each arm is wrapped by a dragon. In front of his chest, his right hand forms a ”Mountain-open Mudra” while his left hand forms a ”Grand Summon Mudra.” The Dharma implements held by the rest of his six arms are a vajra bell, a vajra scepter, a Dharma wheel, a halberd, a lasso, and a sword.
With his left leg stepping on top of a mountain, his right leg raises up as if he is soaring up in the air. His entire body radiates vibrantly with a wrathful looking face.
Ucchusma is respectfully known as the Buddha of the Esoteric Ones, Mighty Kings of Great Supernatural Power. The reason he is named Ucchusma is because of his ability to destroy filthy negative energy.
Ucchusma was manifested by Shakyamuni Buddha to become the Buddha’s embodiment of the wheel of injunction. Other names of Ucchusma include, ”Fire Head Vajra”, ”Indestructible Vajra, ” ”Vajra of Filth”, ”Tactile Vajra”, and so forth.
Ucchusma – Burning Impurity Kongo – Jusoku Kongo Mantra – Kazu Kongo – Ucchusma Myoo mantra in this video:
Om Bhihau Guru Mahapra Hunnahu Buchibu Himani Vikivi Manase Om Jatila Ucchusma Guru Hum Hum Hum Phat Phat Phat Phat Phat Svaha
Other Ucchusma – Burning Impurity Kongo – Jusoku Kongo Mantra – Kazu Kongo – Ucchusma Myoo mantras are:
• Oṃ vajra-krodha mahābala hana daha paca mātha vi-kiraṇa vidhavaṃsaya ucchuṣma-krodha huṃ huṃ huṃ phaṭ phaṭ phaṭ svāhā.
The short Ucchusma Mantra
• Oṃ krodhana hūṃ jaḥ
Mantras for other purposes:
• Oṃ śūri śūri mahā-śūri śūśūri svāhā (Purification of speech)
• Oṃ śutāri śutāri śumari śumari svāhā (Purification of action)
• Oṃ śrimali mamali mali śuśri svāhā (Removal of filth)
Let enjoy Ucchusma – Burning Impurity Kongo – Jusoku Kongo Mantra – Kazu Kongo – Ucchusma Myoo .
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