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[1/2 Hour] 💙 Blue Tara Mantra | Om Bhim Tare Vrim Svaha | Spiritual Awakening 💙

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Blue Tara Mantra | Om Bhim Tare Vrim Svaha | Spiritual Awakening
Blue Tara is the protector of secret mantras and her name literally translates as “the mother of the mothers of all the Buddhas,” which represents the absolute and ultimate unity. As such, her own powerful mantra is also secret.
Another name for Ekajati is Ugra Tara, ”Ugra” meaning wrathful in ancient Sanskrit. She is considered to be the most powerful goddess in the Vajrayana pantheon, and just by listening to her mantra all hindrances and obstacles are destroyed, also bringing good luck and intense religious enjoyment.
Blue Tara also functions as a guardian of mantras, preventing them from being disclosed to those unworthy to use them, and ensuring that those who have been empowered to use them do so for appropriate purposes.
Blue Tara Mantra | Om Bhim Tare Vrim Svaha | Spiritual Awakening mantra in this video
Om Bhim Tare Vrim Svaha
Om Bhim Tare Vrim Soha
Recite the mantra at least 21 times or 108 times whenever possible. Then rest in the vibrational field created by your chanting. Allow frustration and doubt to dissolve, releasing energy for healing.
You become richer in inner resources, which leads to enriched outer resources as well, both material and spiritual. Affirm your connection to all life forms in the universe. Know that the benefits of your heartfelt wishes and efforts will flow from you into the world.
Let enjoy Blue Tara Mantra | Om Bhim Tare Vrim Svaha | Spiritual Awakening.
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