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After so long being separated by travel restrictions, now at last the Kadampa family can gather in-person for the 2022 International Spring Festival in Malaga Spain – the first international Kadampa gathering since Fall 2019.

Temple opening & special transmission
Beginning June 10, we will witness directly the opening of the Sixth Kadampa Temple for World Peace followed by an extraordinary Festival during which Gen-la Dekyong will reveal a special transmission she has recently received directly from Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

In-person attendance
With the return to pre-pandemic arrangements, the emphasis for the International Festivals once again is on in-person attendance, though if you are not able to make it to Malaga you will still be able to participate online. This is reflected in the presentation of the Festival website.

How to book
You will need to book in advance to attend the Festival using the booking page on the website, which will become active at 13.00 UK time, Thursday March 31. Here you can book to attend the Festival in-person and online, on-site accommodation, and Festival meal tickets.

There is limited onsite accommodation available, which must be booked through the website. Otherwise you are free to make your own arrangements with local hotels, holiday villas, B&B etc. A list of recommended accommodation can be found on the accommodation page of the website. You can book offsite accommodation at any time.

There will be regular shuttles to the Festival site from nearby towns. There is no parking available on site, but special park and ride arrangements have been made from nearby locations. There are also regular shuttles available for anyone staying offsite. See the transport page on the website.

A mediterranean feel
This is the first time the Spring Festival has been held outside Manjushri KMC and the organisation and scheduling of the Festival will reflect this, with a distinctive Mediterranean feel. Find out more on the Festival website.

More information
This is the first newsletter containing necessary preliminary information so you can be ready to book as soon as possible. More information will become available over the coming weeks on the website and in newsletters. Stay in touch!

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